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Bradshaw online journalism lecture: Communities

November 09, 2011

  • Community management becoming more and more important

    • Makes sites:

      • sticky and engaged
    • Makes information collection:

      • distributed
    • Community content becomes:

      • editorially valuable
    • Things that impacted helpmeinvestigate:

      • The 1% of content creators have a very real effect on crowdsourcing
      • Modularity is important — being able to break down tasks
      • Two types of crowdsourcing:

        • MechanicalTurk version

          • Guardian MPs expenses crowdsourcing project

            • Not a lot of diversity in a population, just a lot of people
        • Investigative version

          • Ability to get specialists to work on projects
          • Visibility is key
  • Mistakes:

    • Don’t mistake Twitter/forums for a broadcast medium
    • “Field of dreams” approach

      • “Build it and they will come” doesn’t particularly work.

        • Don’t start with the technology; start with the people and the networks ⁃ The “Post” process ⁃ People ⁃ Objectives ⁃ “Get a good story” isn’t an objective the community will care about ⁃ Strategy ⁃ Often you won’t be managing a community, but are rather just a member needing to establish your own clout. ⁃ Technology ⁃ “Otherwise you’re walking around with a hammer and everything looks like a nail.” ⁃ Remember copyright ⁃ The “second visit problem” ⁃ How do you get people to return? ⁃ Problem of expansion and scalability ⁃ Give people explicit tasks and project inputs ⁃ Allow creation of groups ⁃ “The Wikipedia Revolution” ⁃ How Wikipedia dealt with the scaling problem ⁃ Easy-to-use tools ⁃ Don’t assume one tool will be the easiest for everyone. ⁃ ToS, culture of site ⁃ Newspapers experience difficulty because they start with big groups of people and can’t create a specific user culture ⁃ Shirky — communities need tools to defend themselves. ⁃ Reward those who are helpful, hinder those who aren’t. ⁃ Karma systems, etc.

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