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City JTech (CULJTEG) Update -- Notes from Nov. 14 meeting

November 18, 2011

…Well, maybe next week we’ll have a meeting at the scheduled time?

Due to Greenslade cancelling his Monday lecture, we bumped up our meeting time to then and had a general discussion.

Topics discussed (in no particular order):

  • Does Google Standout matter?
  • What does everyone think of iPad/iPhone-only publications like The Daily?

Project ideas discussed:

  • iPad/iPhone app

New project champions!

  • Andrew Stuart: @AndrewRStuart

  • Rebecca Ratcliffe @r_ratclif

    (A project champion is a member who has stepped forward and said they’ll both attend meetings and retweet information. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!)

We’re still mostly talking about what we want out of this group and various other logistical aspects. If you’re interested, please join us next week at Saddlers on Monday at 5!

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